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Advancement Through Technology Should Be Simple Efficient and Effective

Choosing hosting can be tricky. So let’s cut to the chase to see if our services are the right fit for you.

  Care +

Fast website performance! We make websites fly thanks to servers that run on SSD disks and PHP 7 with OpCache. We also offer static caching and a free CDN service to further boost your website’s performance.


We maintain a WAF (Web Application Firewall) for which we constantly write new security rules. Each year we add hundreds of custom rules that stop various identified-yet-unresolved application vulnerabilities.

Hosting Plans

Is Your Old Host Slow? Poor Customer Support? Try Our Fast Services  

  • Standard

  • 10 Gb Disk Space
  • Scalable Ram
  • 2 Addon Domain
  • Google Workspace
  • 4 Hours Support
  • Business Small / Medium
  • Premium

  • 50 Gb Disk Space
  • Scalable Ram
  • 4 Addon Domain
  • Google Workspace
  • Full Support
  • Business Large

The All You Need Platform To Build Your Website. With Personal Support.

 Cloud Hosting

Websites are served from cluster servers for exceptional performance.

 We Care About You

Email or call us for friendly and knowledgeable assistance you can depend upon.

 Uptime Guarantee

Our network uptime is guaranteed with comprehensive SLA.

 Safe Transfer

We can assist you to transfer your web site. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

About 7Qhost

We have been providing robust, secure and fast web services to businesses since 2013. Learn about our datacentre and find out why people trust 7Qhost. If you’re looking for better value hosting, increased reliability and excellent service, then now is a good time to switch your website to 7Qhost.

What make us different

7Qhost is not part of the big chain of hosting providers that is owned by one company and so we really value all our clients, and with 7Qhost you're not just a number. We don't cut corners on services to make money for shareholders. We pride ourselves on offering you ultra fast servers with support that is backed up by experience and knowledge. 

We simply do good web hosting

Hosting providers love to compare the number of bloated features in their hosting plans to competitors and potential customers, and they love to keep adding features -- just because they can. However they have forgotton that “Focus” is the key to the client success.

Custom Design

We build custom Web Designs, Wordpress installations and customization. whether traditional or contemporary we can assist you to achieve your goals.

Full On Support

Get help when you need it not the next business day. Enjoy short waits before speaking to an expert or fast email response times usually within an 2 hours.


If our plans does not meet your reqiurements you can contact us about a custom plan

Reach Out 

Contact us about our hosting plans or a custom built plan  

Key Importance

No gadgets and no fancy bloat advertising. We smply do good hosting

  • 24-hour support with fast response
  • Languages eg. PHP, Ruby, Python
  • knowledgeable support is at hand
  • Framework support for CMS
  • Everyday  backup service
  • Database support
  • 99% Up time